General conditions

General conditions for booking through the agency and tourist information

1. Name is a trading name of AirServices Holland. AirServices Holland is a service provider and commercial  information in the field of air transport, travel and holidays. Through its website, it informs, advises and mediates in the purchase of aircraft and other tourist services and / or making reservations for the same. This is done through information, advice and guidance from our site, by email or telephone contact. provides these services at your request. The conditions for making reservations apply to all types of tourist services with a few exceptions.

Our address is:
Prunuslaan 55
1185 KT Amstelveen
Phone: 020-6401861
Registered number of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 51802023
VAT: NL215511955B01

2. Preparation for implementation of reservation and prices
When you start to make your booking online, you first submitted to the reservation server command to get information on possible flights and prices to a certain destination. The price of the ticket consists of several elements. For each ticket, either for regular or low-cost airline, in addition to the airfare, there are taxes and issuing fees. Next to that for each reservation an administration fee or service charge will be eventually added on. In step 3 of the process of the reservation you will find a complete overview of the ticket price. Step 4 shows the total amount, including all administrative fees, if applicable, fees for service delivery and charges for the use of credit cards.

3. Reservation
When making a reservation, only technologically mediates this process.
All commands and information you submit to the server during the reservation process and ultimately the realization of a proper and accurate booking are entirely your responsibility. You remain responsible for the accuracy of the information necessary for the implementation of the reservation. This includes completing the correct names of passengers according to their personal documents, e-mail address, telephone numbers et cetera.

Your name! It is very important to match your name letter by letter with your personal identification document - ID card or passport.
Residence card and driver's license are not ID documents which you can use to travel with and identify yourself.
You must have in mind that many airlines refuse to accept your transport if even a single letter of your name does not match the document. A direct consequence is that they might refuse boarding and ask you to buy a new ticket.

Travel documents: You are also personally responsible when travelling abroad to poses all necessary documents and permits for your entire journey, such as passports, visas, vaccination certificates and others. On this issue can inform you by e-mail or give general information on your request. Please note that a visa might be required to a country, which you are passing like a transit or transfer passenger. Many countries also require that the passport is valid at least six months from the date of entry into the country.
If you need more information on current visa requirements, procedures and time required for granting the visa, or any other matters of such nature, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the respective country. For Holland the telephone number is 31 (0) 70 345 6985 and the website is
If you book one-way ticket, it is necessary to inform the relevant embassy or consulate whether you can enter the country with such a ticket and possibly necessary formalities in this regard. You buy a one way ticket at your own risk.

Age: The person making the reservation must be 18 years old or older. Making a reservation via you agree to our terms and conditions and all the consequences of breaking them is at your risk and expense.

Travel to USA: We warn all who travel to and from the U.S. that your personal data must be available to local authorities in connection with statutory security checks. Your personal information is used only for security purposes. With confirmation of your reservation, you agree with that.
Information on the above conditions can be found online:
Applications can be submitted online at ESTA:

4. Payment
Within 24 hours after the reservation the full amount must be credited to the account of If payment must be effected within a period less than 24 hours due to a shorter deadline set by the airline, the customer receives an e-mail. If no reaction is received in due time to this e-mail and the amount is not fully and promptly transferred prior to the deadline, the reservation cannot be processed and will be entirely canceled.

In you can directly pay through internet banking (PayPal) or credit card. In case of doubt on our part regarding the validity of credit card, we have the right to charge you a different way. It should be borne in mind that in view of securing insurance for any additional costs you might be requested to submit to your credit card number for an airline, hotel or rent a car reservation. If you use Internet Banking you will automatically leave the site and pay directly on the bank site. We are not responsible for the subsequent payment procedures, and if the amount is not received on time at our end and on our bills, the reservation will be canceled. Normally you will receive a payment confirmation within a maximum of 20 minutes. If not, then the transaction is invalid and the reservation is canceled. Then you need to contact us again.

By making a reservation, you assure us that you are authorized and you accept our conditions of your own behalf as well as on behalf of all members of your group in case you make a reservation for more than one person. That means, you are responsible for all payments due from the whole group for which you arrange the booking. It is your responsibility and the warranty prior to purchase, that all booking details are checked and correct according to your desire, and that all information provided by us or any of our employees and tour operators has been transmitted verbatim to all members of your group. All information transmitted to you by our employees or the Internet will be deemed to be delivered to each member of the group that you are authorized to make the booking for and at their expense.

5. The contract
After you receive confirmation about your reservation and the entire amount due has been paid, we mediate the conclusion of a contract between you and your chosen service provider. is not a party in this final agreement. is not responsible for the correct and proper execution of the services reserved by the supplier (airline or hotel). Generally, in this case the conditions of the service provider, such as airline or hotel, are applicable. You can inform for these conditions directly by the supplier. is, of course, responsible for the quality of its services, such as the correct and appropriate advice and accurate processing of the booking.
If the customer does not receive an email confirmation of the booking within 15 minutes after the booking is confirmed on the website, you should contact us by phone. This applies to reservations made by phone or email as well.
Not later than 48 hours after payment you will receive your tickets via e-mail to your specified e-mail address. reserves the right within 36 hours of booking to make some changes in tariffs. It may be necessary due to problems on the internet or unexpected changes in airport charges. In such cases, if the total amount of the booking becomes unacceptably high for you, then the reservation can be canceled completely free. If you pay the additional difference to this reservation you confirm it and it becomes definitive.

Right of withdrawal of reservation warns you that bookings over the Internet are definitive and not subject to cancellation or refusal. The so called and defined by law "period of consideration" does not apply to travel services you book through the website
 This means that the contract cannot be canceled without additional charge. If you want to cancel your reservation, we charge an administrative fee of € 25 per person if tickets have not yet been issued. If tickets are issued, in addition to that, the conditions of the airline will apply. In most cases no any refund is possible.

Current information

Airlines have the right to make changes to your route and time of departure and landing at any time. There is no fixed term, after which we can say that times are final. We do everything possible to track these changes and to inform you about them as soon as possible to your registered e-mail as a communication address. But we, as are not responsible if these e-mails do not reach you or reach a or do not reach you on time. Therefore you are kindly advised before departure and during your trip to check this information yourself. You can make this via the site Enter your surname (no spaces) and the reservation number. (This site does not work for low-cost carriers, any change in them will be sent directly to you).

When a change occurs on the day of departure, please note that often the original departure time, as declared on your ticket, remains intact. You should appear at the airport as planned. You can always find the actual information on the site of the local airport. We do not communicate delays and cancellations of flights on the day of departure.

6. Changes and cancellations of flights at the request of the customer
Any voluntary cancellations or changes to already made reservations are only possible at the request of the person who made the original booking. All cancellations or changes are subject to extra charge. The amounts include both additional fees and charges under the rules of the service provider and the cost of the agent to implement the change or cancellation.
Note: A single customer, who is participant of a group reservation can only make for himself. The person who made the main reservation may change or cancel the whole trip for himself and for everyone involved.

Cancellations can only be effected via email or SMS. Cancellation must be made by the person who made the reservation. You can inform yourself in advance by phone what additional cost is related to the cancellation or change. You can do this at the time of booking, paying attention to the conditions of the airline. In most cases cancellation fee is 100%, which means that refunds are not possible. If you want a ticket with open dates, please contact us by phone or e-mail. These tickets are usually (much) more expensive. If you have not complied with the conditions for cancellation and you do not have such insurance, then any costs or loss remain your expense. If the cancellation fee is not 100%, we can send your  ticket to the airline for full or partial refund. The amount will be refunded to your account once we receive it from the airline. It takes about 8 to 12 weeks but in some cases considerably longer (6-12 months). If you cancelled your trip in accordance with the terms of your cancellation insurance, your insurance company will pay back the cancellation fee. The amount will be recovered from the insurance company.

Change of name
The name of each passenger must exactly match the name as per passport. If the names on your ticket and your passport does not match, the airline can refuse you boarding. If, after your completed your reservation in the website, you found out that there is a wrong name, the name is spelled incorrectly, or the first and last name are misplaced, you can report this by telephone to cannot guarantee that the airline will correct the mistake free of charge, but we will do our best. Usually you will have  to purchase a new ticket in such cases.

Warning: Do not use nicknames and pet names! Just as the names are entered in the travel document. Watch out for the family and first names.

Processing of bookings made through our website is completely automated process. Processing of the e-mails and the reservations are not running in parallel. It is possible, incoming emails are processed later than incoming reservations. assumes no responsibility if the email with the correct data is being processed later than the booking with erroneous data. So always check your reservations for errors before you confirm them on the site.

Changes in Departure dates
If you want to change an already confirmed booking, there are always costs associated with such a change. These consist of the fees collected by the airline for such changes and the service  fee charged by The airline fee is a sum of the fine for the change (normally 50 euro’s), the difference between the old and the new ticket price (if any) and the ticketing fee (if ticket must be reissued). Some tickets cannot be changed or canceled at all under the conditions of the airline. In such cases you need to buy a whole new ticket. You can inquire at for the terms of cancellation or change. For the administration of such cancellation or change of ticket (if permitted by airline) we are charging € 25.00 administration fee.

Procedure for cancellation of tickets on scheduled flights
Cancellation of a ticket for a flight on scheduled services can be done only by e-mail. If cancellation occurs within seven days before departure, you must call, to speed up processing.
You will receive one or several e-mails. You should carefully read them. Cancellation may be made only by the person who made the reservation. Only after you confirm agreement with all related costs, the ticket will be canceled. The amount will be refunded to your account as soon as the payment from the airline is received by The amount will be paid back to your account, used for the original payment or the respective credit card. It takes about 2-3 weeks but in some cases significantly longer (6-12 months). Tickets must be declared for cancellation within one year after the original date of departure. After that the ticket becomes invalid and cannot be refunded.
Amounts are not refunded in cases when the airline cancels your flight or change your flight schedule. The airline may make exceptions to this rule. can mediate this process, but then administrative fee will be charged.

7. Complaints
Please note that this section does not apply to reservations for low-cost carriers. If a problem occurs with low-cost carrier, please contact the airline directly, because your contract of carriage is with them.
If a problem occurs while you are abroad, you have to contact the local representative of the service provider (e.g. hotel, car rental, airline) as soon as possible. If the supplier does not want to solve the problem, please contact us in working hours, so we can help you. If you want to raise a claim through us, you must inform us within one month after your return in writing, applying all original reservations, tickets and other related documents and information, supporting your case.
If the provider or we are not informed within this period for your problem, we will not be able to do the relevant researches and eventually solve your problem. If you have a complaint against the airline, we recommend you first contact the airline.

No show  / cancellation on the day of the flight
If you have booked one of our products and services (flights, car rentals, hotel stays or flight + hotel), but you fail to appear at check-in desk on the date and time agreed, or you cancel your flight on the day of the trip, you completely lose your rights to claim any compensation, using our services.

8. Terms and Conditions of airline tickets

Here we draw your attention on some important conditions for booking and using of airline tickets, which are applied by almost all airlines.
Use of return portion only of a round trip ticket.
If you have a round trip ticket, you cannot use only the return portion of it without using the outgoing. It will be automatically canceled at the moment you do not appear on the first flight.
Start the journey of an intermediate point.
If you use a transfer ticket, you can start your journey at the point of transfer. Your trip must begin at the first point mentioned in your ticket.
Age of children and babies:
For children and infants are considered children from 2 to 11 years and infants 0 to 1 year to the date of commencement of travel (if on the date of return travel the baby is 2 years and child - 12 years different rates may apply) .
Transport obligations of the airline:
An airline is supposed to transport passengers with valid travel documents and tickets for transportation to and from destinations that are valid. The airline is not obliged to provide food at a time before or after the flight. This depends on the airline's own standards, which fly. Almost always, however, during the flight are offered food and drink, if not free, it is against zplashtane.
Also, the airline is not obliged to provide you with the hotel in case of longer stays in an intermediate point of transfer.
At some airports, particularly in the Far East, Central, South America and New Zealand. It is possible to collect local taxes imposed by local authorities. These charges can not be recovered later.

9. Hotels: works together  with If you want to book a hotel, you will automatically leave the site and you will be directed to the website of We are not responsible for those bookings.
The cancellation policy of each hotel is listed on the respective web page and you can read them before completing your booking.

10. Car rental: is cooperating with If you want to book a rental car, you leave the site automatically and you do your reservation and payment directly on the website of We are not responsible for it.
In general the following rules are applicable:
= Changes: € 50 per booking (an amendment to the booking means usually for the rental company a new booking)
= Cancellation: up to 48 hours before pick up of the car € 50. Within 48 hours and no show - 100% (non refundable)
= If you return the car earlier, you are not entitled to a refund.
= The rental company reserves its right for additional fees on the spot in case of tax increases imposed on them by third parties and not known at the time of booking.
The above rules may differ significantly from those of the rental company you are going to book with.