Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked

What are the general conditions of the ticket?
Each company member of IATA is bound to comply with the terms and conditions of carriage as defined by this organization. The rules for international cooperation in aviation are governed by the Warsaw Convention. About 250 airlines are members of IATA. (The International Air Transport Association)
When could airfares change?
Airfares are subject to change at any time of the day, since both depend on the demand for a particular flight and the fact that airlines have the right to change them. closely monitor these changes and do everything possible to offer you the best prices and conditions.
Can I book tickets for other people with my card?
Yes - You can book tickets for up to nine (9) persons. During the process of purchasing the system will ask for the names of all passengers on the flight. You have to fill in the name exactly as they are put on the passports. Note - this is very important - the names of all tickets should match exactly the names in the passports. For the flight safety reasons and according to the rules, proper submission of names is essential. Furthermore, any change after ticketing is associated with costs and may even be necessary to issue a completely new ticket, which is associated with considerable costs. Therefore we strongly advise you to be very careful when booking and query names on the passports of passengers for which you are responsible. Check and verify all the details as soon as you get the travel documents. If for some reason the name of the ticket does not match the name on the passport - for example by using a nickname or initials or misspelling or diverted first-last name - immediately contact us by phone +31 206401861 to see what can be done. The sooner we know, the more chance that we can still help.
What is «upgrade»?
If you want to change your ticket, in addition to fines and administrative costs, there may be differences between the old and the new ticket price. It is called « upgrade ».
For longer stays or use of the hotel and / or car rental should also to be paid extra.
You are always responsible for payment of additional costs.
How can I cancel my reservation and do I have a right for restitution (refund)?
In order to cancel your trip, please contact our service department. For most of the tickets (purchased at lower prices) are not entitled to refund. By refund you will be charged a cancellation fee plus administrative fee, which will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.
If you have a right for refund, the amount due will be transferred to your bank account. This must be the same bank account which you used to pay the ticket. Reimbursements will be made automatically within 5-10 business days.
If you paid with a credit card, the amount will be transferred to your credit card.
For refunds on partially used tickets or refunds due to special circumstances such as natural disasters, etc., other rules may apply.
Cancellations of hotel reservations and rental cars you have to do yourself by contacting the respective companies.
How can I find flights with multiple legs or with more than one destination?
In "Flight Type” field you should select "multi leg" and there you can select flights for more than one destination.
Can I buy a ticket with departure from another country?
Yes, we sell tickets with departure from almost any country to any destination.
Can I make a reservation as an option and to pay my ticket later?
Yes, it is possible with! In the last stage of the booking process you have to select "Call me." And this is the biggest advantage of Cheaptiks! In almost all booking sites it this is not possible and you have to pay immediately for your booking. With us you can book your seat and pay later within 24 to 72 hours depending on tariff.
If I booked a flight and the airline changes its schedule, will I be informed by airlines4all?
Airlines sometimes change their schedules. airlines4all is doing its best to follow that changes and inform their clients accordingly.
It is possible, however, that we are not, or we are not timely informed by the airlines for such changes. We advise you to always check the schedule on the site: or on the site of the airport at place.
What is the difference between refundable and non-refundable ticket?
On refundable tickets you can obtained restitution (refund) of the price you paid, if you need to cancel your trip. The refundable amount will be the amount of the tickets less any cancellation fines and administration costs. The term of the refund to take place is about 60 days.
The non-refundable tickets cannot to be refunded. In certain cases you can receive some amount from the taxes.
Important! You can make an insurance against cancellation of tickets in which case the insurance company will cover your costs.
In order to be aware of what type of ticket you have, please check the conditions of your ticket. You can check the conditions at the final phase of creating the booking before you agree with the conditions, which is a necessary step.
Note: Tickets are personal and may not be transferred to other people. If you buy your ticket on your name, you cannot give it to someone else to travel with it.
Should the names on my ticket and my passport be the same?
Yes - It is very important that the names in your ticket exactly match the names on your passport.
For the flight safety reasons, proper submission of names is essential. Furthermore, any change after ticketing is associated with costs and may even be necessary to issue a completely new ticket, which is associated with considerable costs. Therefore we strongly advise you to be very careful when making reservations and always update the names in the passport. Check and verify all the details as soon as you get your travel documents. If for some reason the name of the ticket does not match the name on the passport - for example by using a nickname or initials, or exchanged family and first name - immediately contact us by phone +31 206401861 to see what can be done. The sooner we know, the more chance that we can still help.
Where can I pay with iDeal?
With us you can pay by a bank transfer or with iDeal. Choose for “Call me” at the last stage of preparing the booking. You will receive an email with a link to iDeal and the amount you have to pay. After payment is completed you will receive another e-mail with your ticket.
Reservations for hotels, rental cars, packages and promotions are paid directly to the supplier.
Can I use airline vouchers or discounts?
You can use all the vouchers of Before completing your reservation and pay the tickets, please fill in the voucher number in the field "Coupon".
If you have any other voucher or coupon for a discount, issued by and airline or third party, you can contact our customer service.
How can I contact department "Complaints"?
After returning from a trip, if you have questions or complaints regarding your journey in the scope of our responsibilities, you can send a complaint via e-mail address:
Please attach all the documentation related to your trip.
By flight cancellations, long delays and / or refused boarding on the aircraft (due overbooking for instance), passengers are entitled to financial compensation and assistance from the airline. By long delays, passengers are also entitled to additional services. The carrier is obliged to inform in writing the passengers to their rights as provided in Regulation (EC). 261/2004. In this case if you are looking for compensation or assistance always contact the airline first. If you are not satisfied with its action, you can complain through or
What should I know if I have special requirements?
Unaccompanied children - younger than 18 years.
For reservations for children who travel alone, please contact our customer service center on phone 020-6401861 or email to Children under 12 years, and by some airlines under 18, traveling alone, need special assistance and special information should be provided in their booking record. All these we can do for you.
Special meal:
Most airlines offer special meals. You can order special meals with airlines4all in the process of creating of your booking.
Disabled passengers:
Disabled passengers may require special care at the airport or on board of the aircraft, so please contact our customer service before you completed your booking so that we can arrange the necessary measures and give you the proper information. For example, for people who need a wheelchair or travel with its own wheelchair, there are separate requirements. In order to ensure that all your needs are met, we have to contact the airline. That is why in such cases you should always contact cheaptiks first.
Can I make a reservation for an unaccompanied child?
Yes, please contact our customer service department. Children under 12 years, and by some airlines under 18 travel alone only under certain conditions. Call us and we will arrange everything for you.
How can I get confirmation of the electronic ticket I bought?
After completing the booking on our site, we will send you automatically a confirmation email for your reservation. If you have already paid by credit card, you will get a second e-mail with confirmation of your electronic ticket number.
If you select "Call me" and the ticket has not been paid, you will receive confirmation upon payment of the ticket.
Where can I get a visa?
If you want to visit a country that requires a visa, please contact the embassy or consulate of that country. More information can be obtained from the site
What kind of documents I have to take with me when I am traveling?
Depending on the destination you need a valid identity card or passport and possibly a visa. You personally are responsible for having all the necessary documents for your trip. The names on the ticket should match exactly those on your identity documents.
Can I travel with my original ticket if the airline changes its schedule?
In most cases - Yes. If you have an electronic ticket, you should bring a printout to show it at the check-in desk. You can also check current timetable on the site "".
Is it necessary for me to confirm my flight before departure.
There is no need to reconfirm your flight. We recommend thou that you reconfirm your flight if you stay more than 4 weeks at your destination. For more information, please contact the airline directly at place.
How much baggage can take with me?
General baggage rules are:
The permitted free luggage allowance weight is shown on your ticket. In general, the following rules apply: Economy class passengers can take aboard up to twenty kilograms and 30 kg for business class passengers. Babies usually have the right only for 10 kg luggage.
Hand luggage: you can take a bag with dimensions: 55x35x25 cm and weighing no more than about 8 kg. Size and weight may vary for different companies.
Travel to the United States and Canada:
In general, most airlines serving flights to the United States and Canada allow a free baggage weight to 23 kg and a maximum of 158 cm (length + width + height). This concept is called the PC (Piece Concept). For some companies, the surcharge is $ 50, - for the second piece of luggage each way. Air France, Northwest Airlines, KLM and Martinair take on average about 50 Euros for an extra piece of luggage in Europe. The same rules apply other airlines such as: Air Canada, Continental Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Jet Airways, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, U. C.
An important change of the airlines baggage policy:
As of 28 Mar 2010 most airlines changed their baggage policy and introduced the piece concept as general.
What does this new concept mean:
• Each passenger is entitled to one piece of free baggage allowance up to 23 kg (with a maximum of 158 cm (length + width + height).
• Second piece of luggage up to 23 kg (or sports equipment) charged additionally. By KLM and Air France you should pay 55 euro’s in one direction and by Martinair - € 100 each way.
• For the third piece (or more) up to 23 kg (or sports equipment), the price is 200 euro’s a piece in one direction.
• If the weight exceeds 23 kg but less than 32 kg, the price is 100 euro’s in one direction (some Airlines 50).
• Baggage weighing more than 32 kg must be transported as cargo.
• For members of the frequent flyer programs such as SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus the second piece of luggage is free of charge.
For travelling from America to Europe these amounts are quoted in USD (CAD in Canada).
Currently this concept is applied by almost all airlines, but to be 100% sure you have better to contact the Airline directly.
Low cost airlines:
Note: Most budget airlines apply for checked baggage fee as a surcharge. The fee is around € 20 in one direction but can vary widely depending on the airline. Refer to the low cost airline for more specific information.
What happens to my luggage, if the route includes different airlines?
If your whole trip is put on one ticket there is a partnership agreement between the airlines involved. This is needed to enable them to transfer your luggage and assist you in cases of flight irregularities. If traveling with one airline only, it takes full care of transportation of your luggage to the final destination. If your last flight is international and the next one domestic, generally you should need to get your luggage at the destination point of your international flights and pass the customs control before transiting to the domestic flight. This is including the United States and South Africa.
If you are traveling with several airlines and you have separate tickets for each one of them, you must always take care of your luggage at each airport yourself.
What should I know about travelling with presents for other people?
In view of the flight safety regulations all your baggage will be controlled for dangerous or prohibited items, and if necessary manually as well. This applies to both hand- and checked baggage and everything contained therein, whether present or not is subject to the safety rules.
What are the safety rules relating to cabin and hold baggage?
As of November 6, 2006 for all passenger using air transportation in the European Union (EU) new rules for hand luggage were implemented. More precisely the amount of the fluid that each passenger was allowed to carry with him in the cabin was limited. These rules apply to all passengers departing from EU airports, regardless of their destination.
Packing the luggage
Only a limited amount of liquids are allowed in your hand luggage. These liquids must be in individual containers (bottles) with a maximum capacity of 100 ml. each. These containers must be packed in a transparent, resealable plastic bag with no more than 1 liter capacity.
At the airport
You will have to show the plastic bag containing liquids for control at the security check desk to the security staff. They will be examined separately.
You have to remove laptops and other electronic devices from your hand luggage. They will be examined separately as well.
What is "liquid"?
water and other drinks, sprays, perfumes;
aerosol, pressurized containers including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants;
gels, including shampoos and shower gels;
pastes, including toothpaste;
creams, lotions and ointments;
liquid-solid mixtures;
or any other similar mixture.
You can still:
Carry liquids in your checked-in baggage (which you do not carry in the cabin of the plane). The new rules only apply to hand luggage.
In your hand luggage you can carry medicines and dietary requirements, including baby food, you need during the trip. In these cases there are no restrictions on the amount of liquids that you can take.
Can I book a pre-boarding seat?
Yes, in most cases, you can book a particular seat on line on the site of the airline.
Note: Not all airlines have online seat booking facilities. And the policy of the airlines, that do have it, in this regard varies considerably. With some airlines you can take a seat immediately when completeing the booking, by others - within 90 days before departure, and by some - only a few days before the flight. For reservations of seats in special cases, such as for disabled passengers, please contact us.
How long before the flight should I be at the airport?
For flights within Europe, we recommend at least 2 hours before the time of departure indicated on your booking.
For intercontinental flights we recommend to be at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight.
To register for a flight at the airport and get your boarding pass it is only necessary to identify yourself at the airline check-in counter. If there is a self check-in, you can print your boarding card yourself. You can identify yourself with passport or ID card. The airline may ask you to confirm your reservation by showing the print out of it or to show your credit card if you have used it to purchase your ticket.
In most cases you can register (check in) on the website of the airline itself, using airline reservation number and / or ticket number which you can find in the e-mail confirmation of your reservation. You book your seat for yourself, print your own boarding pass and thus avoid queuing and waiting at the airport. Depending on the airline and the destination on-line registration (check-in) is available from 2 weeks to 3 hours before the flight.
What does mean the text: your seat on the plane can only be confirmed at the check-in?
This means that you cannot pre-book seats. This can happen only during your registration (check-in) at the airport by the airline itself.

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