Airline tickets to Tallinn, the capital and largest city of Estonia

Tallinn (in Estonian Tallinn, historical Reval, Revely) is the capital and largest city of Estonia. Main administrative center of the district Harjumaa. It is located on the southern shore of the Gulf about 80 kilometers from Helsinki and has an area of 159.2 km ². After 1991, thanks to the high-tech industry and the flow of tourists, Tallinn has become one of the most important cities of Eastern Europe and the Baltics. The population is about 400 000 people (2004).

The first traces of settlers in these lands date 5000 years ago. The first castle was built on Tallinn Toompea Hill in 1050. The town is a very important place - between Russia, Europe and Scandinavia, so since its inception has been the goal of many nations, but especially Danes who Conquest along with parts of Estonia in 1219.

In 1346 the Danes sold the city to the Teutonic Order. About 8-thousand residents of the medieval Tallinn enjoyed a lot of resources available for the good of the city and better protections - Tallinn city wall and had 70 defensive towers.

In different periods Tallinn was ruled by Russians, Swedes and Danes. During the urban industrial revolution in the 19th century, during the Russian rule city's port is expanded. In the 20th century the city became the capital of a free Estonia after the war between Germany and Russia. After the occupation of the Soviet Union in 1944, Tallinn became the capital of Soviet Estonia. In 1980, when the Summer Olympics held in Moscow, in the town northeast of Pirita Tallinn regatta is held and therefore in Tallinn were raised many new buildings. The building of new and more modern buildings continues with furious pace after receiving de facto independence of Estonia by Soviet Russia.

Old Tallinn today was named a World Heritage by UNESKO in 1997. Although Tallinn was bombed during World War II, the Old Town was not hit much. It includes built in the 15th century needle in the Gothic style church "St. Olaf." Precisely because of this needle between 1549 and 1625 years this church is the highest in the world. Today, after several renovations, the church is 123 meters high

Leonard Merritt Airport, Tallinn is the largest airport in Estonia. It is located about 4 km. from the city center of Tallinn, on the eastern shore of Lake Ulemiste. Former name of the airport was exactly Ulemiste, but in 2009 was renamed on the name of the second President of Estonia Lennart Merritt. The airport is located near the port of Tallinn - Muuga Harbour. It is headquarters of the airlines Avies, Estonian Air and AirBaltic, serving both domestic and international flights. Tallinn airport has one runway, but it is long enough (3 km) and wide (45 m) so that it can meet the needs of all large aircrafts. The airport is located in one main building, which has a total of 13 exits. In 2010 more than 1.3 million passengers passed through the airport. The most popular destinations were to the Nordic and Baltic countries, the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Airliens, that serve the airport are: Air Baltic, Avies, City Airline, CSA Czech Airlines, easyJet, Estonian Air, Finnair, Finncomm Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Ryanair, Utair

Seasonal charters: Bulgaria Air - seasonal from Burgas and Varna; Estonian Air - seasonal to Turkey and Greece; Iberia - seasonal to Barcelona; Orbest - seasonal to Madrid.