Airline tickets to Nador, a beautiful city in northern Morocco, on the Mediterranean coast

Nador is a beautiful city that situated in the northeastern part of Morocco in the Rif region. It is a port city on the Bhar Amezzyan lagoon and a major trading centre for fish, fruits and livestock. It is has a semi-motorway linking it to the Spanish city of Melilla. It has about 180,000 inhabitants and a major population speaks Tarifit-Berber language. The fact that Nador is located near to sea and the Spanish city of Melilla is a major catalyst for international trade. It had achieved disrepute as a center for smuggling but has now overcome the problem and has now become a point for incoming consumer goods from Europe.

Nador is a great place for bird watchers and nature lovers.Birds and insects of all types frequent the area around the city. Brightly colored grasshoppers, damselflies, sand spider are some insects found in the salt marsh of this area. You would also find the great flamingo, black winged stilt, coot, great crested grebe and terns and gulls around this area.It is also a safe haven for birds like white stock, gray heron, little egret, redshank, black tailed godwit, spotted redshank (in summer) and kingfishers and black terns. The nature lovers make a beeline to this area to see the amazing variety of birds in and around Nador.
During the summer months, Nador is visited by hundreds of thousands of Moroccan migrants living in Europe, who are originating from the province or from the city of Nador itself. These summer visitors contribute strongly to the development of the city, by buying property, helping their families, and by stimulating the overall local trade and tourism.