Airline tickets to Riga, capital of Latvia

Riga (Rīga Latvian MCA: [ri ː ɡa]) is the capital of Latvia, a major commercial, cultural, industrial and financial center of the country. It is situated on both banks of the Daugava River, just where it flows into the Baltic Sea. The population is 705,703 (2010), approximately equal numbers of which are Latvians and Russians. Riga is the largest city in the Baltic states and is the third largest city in the Baltic region, behind Saint Petersburg and Stockholm.

Livonian knights
History of Riga began with the settlement of Finnish tribe ables to be established between the mouths of the rivers Daugava and Ridzene that supposedly bore the name Riika (in Finnish: Riika). Ridzene formed a natural harbor known as the Riga Lake. Neither Ridzene which was tributary of the Daugava or lake have survived to the present day. [3]

Creation of Riga as a city preserved in the last 800 years has become as a result of a gradual settlement of Latvia by German merchants, missionaries and crusaders. They arrived in the area in the second half of the 12th century, attracted by sparsely populated territory, the possibility of developing new markets and with a mission to convert the local population. In 1158 the German merchants established a trading post with the Baltic tribes near the village of Livia in the territory of present Riga. Around 1190 by Augustinian monk Maynard Segeberg rises first monastery.

Bishop Albert was the first Bishop of Livonia promoted by his uncle Hartwig, Archbishop of Bremen and Hamburg in 1199. Two years later, Albert led by 23 ships and 1,500 armed Crusader knights landed in Riga and declared the city as their bishop. In 1201 he created the Livonian Order (later part of the Teutonic Order) and declares the city of Riga, with all the associated rights.

Riga International Airport is the main airport serving the capital of Latvia Riga. Located 11 km west of its center and is the largest airport in the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). It was built in 1973 to replace the old airport in the city, and was last updated in 2006, has one terminal divided into three parts - A, B and C. Terminal A is serving passengers for flights to Schengen countries and terminals B and C for the remaining passengers.

Riga Airport serves as headquarters of the airline Air Baltic, SmartLynx Airlines, RAF-Avia, Vip Avia and Intersija. Other airlines offering flights to and from Riga are Aeroflot, Belavia, Ryanair, Czech Airlines, Wizzair, Small Planet Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Transaero Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Finnair, Estonian Air and others.