Airline tickets to Sofia, the capital and largest city of Bulgaria

Sofia (Greek Αγία Σοφία - "Wisdom of God") is the capital and largest city in Bulgaria. It is the 13th largest city in the European Union with a population of 1,270,284 people (2011 census), which represents 17.2% of the population of Bulgaria. Located in central western Bulgaria, at Sofia valley, surrounded by Mount Vitosha to the south, Lyulin Mountain to the west and Stara Planina to the north. The total area is 492 square kilometers and its average altitude is 550 m. This makes it the fourth highest capital in Europe. It is built on four terraces of the Iskar River and its tributaries and the river Perlovska Vladayska (Eleshnitsa). In the central part of Sofia and in the suburbs of Ovcha Kupel, Knyazhevo, Gorna Banya and Pancharevo there are mineral springs. The climate is temperate in Sofia.

It is a major administrative, industrial, transport, cultural and educational center of the country and concentrates in one sixth of industrial production in Bulgaria. There are also Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, many universities, theaters, cinemas and the National Art Gallery, archaeological, historical, natural and other museums. Sofia is named after the late antique city cathedral "St. Sofia". This is complemented by the universal homage to the holy martyr Sofia, mother of three holy martyrs - Faith, Hope and Love. And as the "Divine Wisdom", i.e. Christ, is a subject of a constant admiration, not amenable to the particular day of the year, the feast of Saints - September 17, was admitted to the Day of Sofia. January 4, when the city was liberated from Ottoman rule in 1878 by Russian troops is also celebrated as the day of Sofia. Sofia became the capital on April 3, 1879 by the Constitutional Assembly on the proposal of Professor Marin Drinov, as an old Bulgarian town, away from the Turkish border and a hub located in the center of the Bulgarian lands as then understood.

In many places in the city center are reserved visible archaeological monuments from Roman times. The motto of the city is "Growing, but never getting older '

Sofia Airport, also known as “Aerogara Sofia” and “Vrajdebna Airport” is the biggest airport in Bulgaria. It lies about 10 miles east of downtown and is managed by the company "Sofia Airport Ltd". The airport is a hub for the national carrier - "Bulgaria Air".